(ill YAY' mee) n.
award-winning percussive rock-folk from Baltimore, MD

rob's open mics webcast.

Good news to the world of rob's open mics! Focus Music has offered a little sponsorship to make sure our Featured Artists never go away empty handed! A huge thanks to a local organization focused (haha) on supporting (mostly) acoustic and folk(ish) music to the DC Metropolitan area! Visit their website here to read more about them and their upcoming list of shows.

Tune in to see an open mic - generally these are running Live on Monday nights (from Teavolve Cafe & Lounge in Baltimore, MD) every week, 7-10pm EST. If you want to chat about what's going down online, either use #robsopenmics on Twitter or join us at www.facebook.com/robsopenmics - just let it be known I'm frequently keepin' the show running and not always by my computer!

How can you support all this remotely? Go to the artist's website and buy a CD! Or TIP THE FEATURE or host below! Or if you're feeling excessively proactive, call Teavolve and buy us a drink at (410) 522-1907.

Nothing playing right now? Check out my playlist of favourite open mic moments...

Live streaming video by Ustream

Please note that the stream can be derailed by any number of things (dependent on the local WiFi, me pushing the right buttons, volume levels being mis-set) and if the stream ISN'T Live you can usually catch archived video on Youtube 2 - 3 days after the show).

Check out our featured artist's website : visit the online home of Chris Titchner.

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Archived videos can be found on the rob's open mics Youtube channel

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upComing features at Teavolve:
6/5 - Chris Titchner (Raleigh, NC)
6/12 - Carlos Cubas feat. Chad Gray
6/19 - Nate McCormick & guest host QueenEarth
6/26 - Shawna Caspi (Toronto, ON) & guest host Brennan Kuhns

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