(ill YAY' mee) n.
award-winning percussive rock-folk from Baltimore, MD

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All of the artwork that you'll find on ilyAIMY.com has been created by rob hinkal and is designed to be run by any computer running 1024x768 resolution or greater and was coded both by hand and in Dreamweaver.

Some photographs in the Journal are taken by friends and fans, they are credited as appropriate as much as I'm able.

All material on this website, audio, textual, visual, conceptual... whatEVER, is all the intellectual property of one rob hinkal (unless otherwise stated), and if I catch you using it without permission I'll feed you to rabid weasels... however, permission is probably pretty easy to obtain, I just want you to ask me first.

Most everything is written by rob hinkal and edited by Heather Lloyd. All visuals are produced by rob hinkal, and all music is written and performed by ilyAIMY.

Hey, just for the record, doing a websearch, it's easy to find other people's websites with my lyrics on them, they are reprinted in people's IM profiles, all sorts of weird places... I've got NO problem with that at all, just credit where credit's due.....

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all contents, music, imagery, thoughts and design are © rob Hinkal & Heather Lloyd - to be used only with specific permission and with the best of intent. Thank you. More information here.