About Sharif Kellogg: close moi. 

David Morreale "do phones have heads? You could cut it off... THAT kills anything but a member of ILYAIMY. NOTHING kills one of THOSE."

Mandy Buttrum "Seriously there are a million urban legends about illyaimy.....ask them how they got their name....I didnt sleep for weeks."

Heather once said about rob: ""I saw my Life flash before my eyes and it was your tongue."

"my mother always told me that if I didn't eat my vegetables, that ilyAIMY would come over and give me a stupid hair cut...... "

"DID YOU KNOW that a member of ilyAIMY is able to summon tacos *just by thinking about them*? IT IS TRUE!!" - Erica

Headless Artie: "ilyaimy, much like frank zappa, can never be incorporated into guitar hero or rock band, not due to the whole legality issue, but more due to the spontanious combustion of fingers in an attempt to play the songs...."

Keren Lee: " I toured with Rob and Heather a couple of times and, frankly, still can't talk about it. *shivers thinking about the collapsing shower wall...* "