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rob Loves open mics.

About Open Mics.

A lot of professional musicians think there isn't any more time in their Lives for open mics.  I think that's a horrible mistake! Open mics are a wonderful mixing of generations, talents, styles and individuals. It's where most all of us get started - and we shouldn't ignore those roots!  I'm proud to have run some of the very coolest open mics in the Washington DC / Baltimore, MD area (declared thusly by DCDownload.com) - and having played more than 500 different open mics across the country, I feel like I've got a right to be opinionated on the subject!

I'm actually SO opinionated that the Library of Congress asked me to speak on the subject of open mics and their influence on American music and folk culture. If you're curious about what I had to say, the text and video are here : Open Mics and Evolution.

In addition, Teavolve Cafe & Lounge is one of 48 venues across the nation that has been asked to participate in Shure's National Open Mic Nights for two years running. We're sponsored by both Shure Microphones and QSC.

An audience at the TPOM.

An audience at the Takoma Park Open Mic.

I try to foster an environment that's just as warm and welcoming for the open mic virgin as it is inspirational and strategic for the touring road warrior. Open mics keep the juices going, the blood flowing, they keep us creative, fresh and they keep us humble - for every artist who is a rank beginner, there's going to be another that does something you've never seen before or who gets you thinking "holy crap! I hope I'm not NEXT!!!" Yes, open mics can have cringe-worthy moments, but no longer what's happening, it'll be over in 10 minutes, and EVERY night there's someone that teaches me something new.

rob's Open Mics are posted at www.youtube.com/robsopenmics for about a month (this is non-negotiable, if you're not interested in this video being broadcast / recorded, don't play!).  The audio from these open mics is also recorded separately (in multi-track and at much greater quality).  For more information on the recordings, click here.  These are NOT USED in any way without your permission.

Since rob, the host (me), is a touring musician, there are often times when I'm out and about and there will be a guest host in play.  Generally they run things the way I do but there are no guarantees other than the fact that those guest hosts are people that I trust to be wonderful. Generally speaking though, they are NOT equipped to broadcast or record the night.

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Open Mics and Evolution (rob at the Library of Congress)

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