January 12th, 2018.

Oh woe is me. Christmas is dead. We took out the tree. The last week or so has been remarkably lack-lustre, plus or minus having a really fun band practice – but other than that – I mean, open mic got canceled after already being on a two week hiatus… Hell, I haven’t even started my car yet in the new year, so I have vague concerns about that. Tomorrow morning I better go and poke it just to make sure it still GOES.

We went to go see “Shape of Water” – which turned out to be an exquisitely beautiful but surprisingly subversive movie. And we spotted a kind of awesome Deadpool 2 advert…
Well, I guess it’s kind of useless hiding where the neighbour’s cat’s been hiding…
How we’ve been keeping warm on cold nights… well… one way.

We’ve finally got a gig coming up this weekend, but so far 2018 has been a whole lot of NOTHING. I’ve been feeling it, too… just malaise. Part of it is the insane cold – it’s spent a LOT of time below freezing, and even today and tomorrow as we broach the 40s it’s grey and forboding.

So taking the Christmas tree down today and dragging it out to the sad Dead Christmas pile on the corner was kind of the most out-of-the-houseness I’ve been up to recently.

Don’t judge!

Oh wait – I totally went to the post office a couple of days ago, but other than that… yeah, Kristen, Heather or Brennan drove. Gotta poke my car!

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