January 17th, 2018.

Oh, hey snow! I’d been wondering when you were gonna get here. Now I wonder how long you’ll stay. My car’s in the shop, I’ve got no place to be, the only entity in the house that seems really iffy about your presence is the neighbour’s cat, and I sort of think that some of HIS angst is over the fact that a fresh snowfall provides ample tracking evidence of where he spends his time.

Kristen knows how to pass the time with a stolen cat.
Kristen knows how to pass the time with a stolen cat.

Our house is snug and warm and we’ve got billable hours to occupy our time. Tomorrow the temperature climbs back well-above freezing, so I don’t know how worried I am about shoveling…

The cat romped for about five minutes and just reappeared, scampering into the house and scattering snow on the Living room floor. Kristen’s chasing him with a towel and breakfast goes on.

Tomorrow I’ll be running a session down at Asparagus Media – the first time I’ll be doing that solo. With any luck I’ll have my car back before then, but I’ve got a backup plan. Since Monday night I’ve been kind of obsessed with backup plans.

But in the meantime, I’ll get some work done, periodically let the cat see that there’s still snow, and get ready for a wee winter walk of my own. Can’t let the snow go to waste!

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