February 6th, 2018.

Hrm. This rob is not focusing. I’ve written a bunch of emails, but there’s other emails I probably really ought to write. I’ve frankly got all my deadlines redlined and there’s probably not much else I can do on those fronts, but it always feels like I should be doing more. Heather and I are going to go hit an open mic tonight to try to be better about meeting other people in the Baltimore scene that don’t cross circles with ours, but we’re not leaving for another hour, and so I must occupy myself for that time – and it would be best if I was useful during that time.

But my brain is disinterested in what would be best during this time.

My brain is doing this :




Fucking BRAIN.

Grayson Moon at the McFaul's Iron Horse open mic in Parkville, MD.
Grayson Moon at the McFaul’s Iron Horse open mic in Parkville, MD.
Ernie Fowler hosting the McFaul’s Iron Horse open mic – he has a remarkably purse voice, hitting notes dead on without a trace of vibrato. It’s incredibly distinctive.
Grayson Moon – don’t know what he’s giggling about here, I think he was just expressing general joy or something… singing along with Ernie or something… Grayson is a rare beast, incredibly beautiful manvoice + genuinely nice guy. He’s good people.
Hee! Just a fun Heather smile.

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