February 19th, 2018.

Saturday the 17th found us making a quick jaunt to York, PA for a house concert. We weren’t sure about whether or not the snow would effect attendance… it totally did.
A tiny audience, but a fun one. We had a good time in York… time to dig out and go HOME!

People are just rude. I knew that. Awful too. I guess we could’ve guessed how people would be with the anonymity of the internet by extension of how they treat one another from the anonymity of their cars. I feel like I’ve got to disconnect because you can’t go anywhere online without seeing horrible people being horrible to other people while doing horrible things. Person a) just KNOWS the problems of the world are caused by people not whipping their children enough (THANKS liberals!) and raising a generation of “pussies”. Kid b) thinks nothing of SWATting someone and Lives are lost and still doesn’t grasp his part in what happened. Somehow the biggest proof of EVIL in the world for me right now is people circulating stories of white people being beaten by black people at Black Panther, posting photos of real abuse victims to falsely back their claim.

The only thing that brings me joy is catching the typo “white people being eaten by black people”… because I’ve still GOT to laugh. The only alternative….

I’m early for Teavolve, having forgotten that the post office is closed for Presidents’ Day (or is it a day for the President? Singular? President’s Day? Or is it just a day ABOUT presidents, non-possessive? Presidents Day? I’m too lazy to look it up) and the drizzle and the grey of the day is NOT what’s getting me down – I find the velvet softness of the world around me very, very beautiful – the drive is relaxing in its mutedness – the kitten tones of Baltimore in mist calms so much of what’s seething in me that I want to fill a glass cube with it. Live in it. Inhale it. Cold pinpricks of fog settling on my skin, beading my hair. Let people think the silver’s just the fog.

A literal silver lining I guess. Ag on the Me.

Also cat.
Brennan Kuhns has landed a new open mic up in Towson – and though it was off to a very slow start Thursday night it was a lot of fun, and was a wonderful room. Who knew curved concrete sounded SO warm and beautiful??!?!
Wanderlight performing at Brennan’s new open mic (Third Thursdays except when it’s not) at the Towson Library in Towson, MD.
I found a new friend… Kristen, THIS is why I was thinking of stegosauruses!!! (at the Towson Library).
Performing at the new Towson Library open mic. I was dubbed “the jam master”… and also told “I’m not calling you old… but….”

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