An Introduction.

This Journal is an attempt by us to keep our friends, family and fans up to date on our wanderings across the country. Beginning on April 6th, 2003 – we are documenting what we’re doing, what we’re thinking, and what we’re feeling.

Some days we’re poetic, some days we’re mundane, and some days we just don’t make sense. This is a very real diary, and we are trying not to edit for content at all. People may be offended by what they read here, some people have been inspired by what they read here. There is a very real reason why we’re travelling, and it’s nothing as unimportant as a generic road-trip. I hope that while browsing through our scattered thoughts that some of the philosophy of the Trip, and some of the purpose of our Lives comes through.

Because it is constantly upDated, and persistantly published, there will be spelling errors (my Dad keeps me up to date on them) but we’re always moving forward – adding material, and going back to correct grammar is unattractive. We’ll spell your name wrong, we’ll get our states wrong, in extreme cases, we’ll get the date wrong. Some of the links may break… some of our trains of thought get derailed dramatically. This is not a book, or a narrative. It is a diary.

On telling our entries apart: Heather and I have chosen NOT to sign each individual entry, more as a space consideration than anything else. There are slightly different visual clues – Heather’s text is a slightly different colour from mine – and our writing styles are massively different. Anyone who reads several pages will get the hang of it, and also notice that the content is severely weighted towards my own writing – this is NOT because I’m editing Heather’s content, but simply because I write a LOT.

November 16th, 2003.