(ill YAY' mee) n.
award-winning percussive rock-folk from Baltimore, MD

Welcome to ilyAIMY.com

Welcome to the definitive site that gives you the skinny on your favourite acoustic-grunge rock-folk band. You may have encountered us anywhere across the United States as anything from a duet to a sextet, plus or minus our many collaborations.

A capture of Heather and rob playing "Argonauts" at this year's NERFA. Thank you to Scotten Jones video!


We ask no questions about why you're here, but we'll endeavour to help you out as we're able. Maybe you just wanted to watch a couple of ilyAIMY videos, or listen to some of our music. Maybe you wanted to buy some CDs or learn our lyrics so you can sing along to those CDs. Maybe - just maybe - you wanted to book us - or maybe you needed to check the calendar so you could follow us around said United States. We try to make it easy, but if you have a question, don't hesitate to email us!

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